Dreaming of a summer holiday

At this point last year, I’m pretty sure I was living in my shorts and vest tops with the sun shining gloriously every morning. We didn’t have to worry about coats or boots and we just set out for the day. I also quite sure even my pasty legs had a bit of colour to them! Well, I was really hoping that we’d have a similar summer to last year for more than a couple of reasons. Firstly, we are mid build on our kitchen extension and bad weather means delays in brickwork and mud. Lots and lots of mud. Everywhere. And secondly, because the chances of getting away anywhere sunny are looking slim.

Even though my chances are slim this year, it doesn’t mean I can’t dream though, right? I’ll be checking last minute sun holiday codes to keep an eye on what’s on offer and to see if I can squeeze a little sun holiday in somewhere in the not too distant future.

I must admit that I love searching for holidays – don’t get me wrong, I prefer being on them. But I do actually find the process quite therapeutic. With the miserable rainy days, I find looking at sun holidays can make me feel a lot happier. Even if I’m looking for next summer, I keep telling myself, I’ll find the perfect holiday at the best price.

Dreams Change

While pre children my dream holidays were far off exotic lands with walks, lagoons, pools and culture, my ideal holiday needs have shifted somewhat. I would love to take the children to Maui, where we spent our honeymoon, but the travel alone I think would send me into a state, let alone the cost. One day, it’s on our bucket list to take them back but for now, we feel we’ve found the perfect compromise.

Last summer we took the children to Greece. My husband had never been and neither had the children so we were all really excited to go and enjoy a little of the culture, as well as the gorgeous weather. But what made it so perfect for us was the time difference. This might sound absolutely nuts to some but when you change a young child’s routine, they can be fussy for weeks after. You have to work really hard to get their body clocks back to ‘normal’ and it can almost completely undo the memories of your family holiday. However, we found that having a 2 hour difference worked perfectly.

Being two hours  ahead meant that the children were able to enjoy some later evening and partake in the kids club (it didn’t really start until about 8:30), but they also slept in until about 9am! We were able to get the children to wake up at a reasonable hour, enjoy the day and night activities on offer and not get out of their UK timezone at all!

We figured this was a real win win while on holiday. Getting to really enjoy ourselves and relaxing completely and when we got home, the children were still going to bed at 7-7:30pm without any problems. So for us, finding a holiday with the perfect time zone difference, at a great price sounds like a dream.

Have your ideas of a dream holiday changed? What are they now? I’d love to know I’m not the only one!

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