The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Your First Holiday Abroad With Your Brood

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While breaks within the UK can be lovely, sometimes there’s nothing better than escaping the unpredictable weather of the south coast and venturing somewhere a little more exotic. You want to catch some rays, relax by a pool and enjoy some quality family time with your nearest and dearest. The caravan park at Skegness can be a great little adventure, but the wind, rain and cheesy kids club aren’t really doing it for your family. When you make the decision to take your little darlings abroad for the first time, there’s more to think about and organise. Take a look at this ultimate guide to helping your family survive their first holiday overseas.

The Flight

It doesn’t matter how excited your little hooligans are at the prospect of jet setting to a Balearic or a Greek isle, the chances are that they will be a little nervous. Flying is daunting for most people, even those frequent flyers. A child won’t be used to the roar of the jet engines, the air conditioning switching on and the backdraft of landing. Turbulence, while completely safe, can be scary for little people. The bumpy ride while forty thousand feet in the air can seem a little more unstable when you hit turbulence. It’s important to let your kids know about the sorts of things to expect on a flight. Try and make an adventure of it, keep it light and exude positivity and happy smiles to show your little darlings that everything is safe and ok.


It’s vital that when you head overseas that you get your brood covered with some decent travel insurance like the sort provided by One Sure Insurance. Don’t always go for the cheapest option as you may find you won’t be covered at all for things that you thought came as standard. At the very least, you need to have hospital cover, cancellation cover and theft cover. If somebody in your clan adores adrenaline-inducing activities, it might pay to secure extreme sports cover. If in doubt, give the insurer a ring, and they can provide a bespoke schedule for you. While you hope never to use it, you must make sure that you are protected should the worst happen.

If you are travelling to a location a little off the beaten track, you may require visas. Get these sorted as early as possible rather than leaving it to the last minute.

When packing, it’s a good idea to give your little cherubs their own cases. The wheelie types are bright and colorful. Even if they don’t fill them up with their own clothing and gadgets, there’s extra space to put some of your clobber in there. If they have a baggage allowance, use it. It’s yours. By doing this, you’ll never get caught short and have to pay for any extra luggage. Always roll instead of fold. By using this method, you are getting the maximum bang for your buck when it comes to space. Clothes will also crease less, and you’ll arrive at your hotel after a day’s travel to perfect freshly ironed gear.

Heading abroad with your brood for the first time should be exciting. This is the trip that will be the most memorable. Follow this guide and make sure you remember it for all the right reasons.

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