Things to Do In New York

New York is one the most glamourous travel destinations in the world. It is an American state in its own right and consists of five boroughs, the most famous of which is Manhattan. Manhattan is very densely populated and is one the world’s most important commercial, financial, and cultural centers, as well as being one of the most expensive places to live in the world meaning it attracts plenty of tourism. If New York is on your bucket list, here’s what to include on your itinerary.


When it comes to sightseeing, New York has a lot to offer. The Statue of Liberty is symbolic of the US Declaration of Independence, it is situated on Ellis Island also known as New York harbour, where over twelve million immigrants experienced their first taste of the American dream. If you’re planning to visit the Statue of Liberty, use skip the line tours to avoid having to wait forever to see it. Ellis Island still features the immigration inspection centre, now know as the immigration museum, which is a fascinating place.

Another monument you need to see is the Empire State Building which is a symbol of the technological and economic power of the United States, as it was once the tallest building in the world for over 40 years, and speaking of economic strength, another must see is Times Square. Times Square is home to a huge number of electronic billboards which are seen as the ultimate advertising opportunity for businesses worldwide and make for a very visually impressive sight.

Grand Central Station is not only a beautifully designed piece of architecture used in many famous films, but thanks to its elevated viewing platforms and the fact it is one of America’s busiest stations, it is also a great opportunity to watch commuters rushing around. Lastly, it is important to visit ground zero to experience the humbling loss of the twin towers in the world trade centre, as a result of the terrorist act which killed over two thousand people in 2001. The area now consists of commemorative waterfalls which are a vision in themselves.


There is plenty to do other than sight see in New York too. Central Park is a huge are of parkland right in the middle of the purely urban streets of Manhattan, and as well as being a lovely place to walk around, it also contains a number of attractions such as a zoo and a carousel. Evenings are the perfect time to go to Broadway to see a world class theatrical production, while daytime is the best time to visit the One World Observatory which gives you panoramic views of the city from its highest point.

New York is made up of five boroughs, one of which is Brooklyn which can be accessed via the famous Brooklyn bridge; a great place for a stroll. Staten Island is another and visiting on the free ferry gives you fantastic views of Manhattan from the water. Lastly, for a bit of fun you should visit Coney Island; a theme park which maintains most of its antiquated charm from years past.

You could spend months trying to experience everything there is to see and do in New York, but if you only have a week to fill, you should prioritise the activities listed here to make the most of it. Make sure to also include the kind of everyday things New Yorkers do, like grabbing a bagel from a street food stand and hailing one of their famous yellow cabs, so that you get an authentic experience of this fantastic city. has more great ideas of what to do in various cities around the world, like this handy guide on how to have fun in London.

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