What’s the perfect age to take kids to Disney World?

We I have been thinking about when to take the children to Walt Disney World, Florida since before they were born! I know it sounds more than just a little odd but I absolutely loved my experience of Disney World when I was a child and I knew that when we had children of our own, I would want to take them too. I want to share the magic I felt with them while they experience the magic themselves. But, when is the right time?

Is there a right age to go?

I have been to Disney World twice; once when I was nine and again when I was 11. I enjoyed every second of both trips. I remember there being a lot of walking and queuing and, let’s face it, it’s not a cheap holiday, so I want to try and find a time that best suits us all. My husband has never been and isn’t as keen as me. He just feels there will be too much queuing and doesn’t believe all the hype about the ‘magic’ of Disney. I really want us to have a once in a lifetime family experience so I’ve been asking other bloggers their opinion.

Any Age!

Sarah Cronshaw from Digital Motherhood took her daughter when she was 5 and feels this was a great age. Her little girl totally believed the whole magic of Disney and thought all the Princesses and characters were real. She was totally stars truck meeting the characters and her face at the parades was priceless. In Sarah’s opinion, if they took her now, at almost 8, she wouldn’t really be interested in that side of it. However, it is very tiring for smaller kids so you do need to take it easy and have a few rest days!

Emma Reed is going in March. Her eldest is five and her youngest will be 16 months. Because there is a 4 year age gap between the children, they will always have one quite a bit younger for things like this but both believe that both children are going to love it (even though the baby probably won’t remember it all). For Emma, it is about making lovely memories as a family and remembering that memories are also made from family discussions and photos about trips, not solely the trip itself.

Tips from someone who has been 10 times!

Amanda from We Blog Travel has been to Orlando Florida 10 times, and during that time her girls have been aged 4 upwards. For Amanda, she feels this works well for her family. Yes maybe they don’t remember everything when they are so little, but making photo memory books to look through, is all part of the fun once you get home. She notes that all of the parks have areas suitable for younger ones, and feels that Magic Kingdom is perhaps more catered to the younger ones. Her top tips are to take as many photographs as you possibly can, and if you get the opportunity to do the Photopass, she really does recommend it. If you are worried about queues and small children, and its within your budget, Amanda thinks the VIP tours are epic!

Mellissa from The Diary of a Jewellery Lover agrees that there is no perfect age. She feels that at any age you will enjoy it! Yes, your kids may not remember everything when they are very small but when you see toddlers interacting with the characters then you can see how much they are getting out of it. Take photos and videos and create memories to show them when they are older.

Suzy from Our Bucket List Lives visited with a four year old and he was tall enough for just about every ride that they wanted to go on – although he is tall for his age. Suzy personally feels that children between 6-8 years old would be the absolute ideal age as they are still young enough to appreciate the magic of Disney World yet tall enough and mature enough to enjoy all of the bigger rides plus not too old to think the toddler type rides are completely naff.

Angela Spicer from The Life Of Spicers went for the first time when her daughter was seven. She was young enough to want to enjoy the princesses and characters, and also tall enough to enjoy the bigger rides. Angela says that the look on their faces is just the most magical thing in the world.

Decision Time

So with all of these comments to take on board, I think I’m going to start the saving! I’m hoping we will be able to go in the next couple of years when Benjamin in about 6 and Isabella 8. I’m hoping that they will be tall enough but also that Isabella (who is more apprehensive of the big rides than Benjamin) will be a little more willing to try the bigger rides too.

If you have any top tips for going to Florida with children, I’d love to hear them!

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