How to Pay off Dept Quickly?

Do you have a loan and you want to pay it back quick. Don’t worry; you have come to the right place. Following, we are giving you some quick tips that will help you pay off your debt sooner than expected. Don’t Stick to the Minimum If you stick to the minimum payout, it will take a long time before you pay off your loan. If you have an average credit card balance and you pay a typical 15% percent, it will take you years {Read More}

5 ways to save for your children’s future

*Collaborative Post* Having children is one of the most incredible things you can do and raising them is as rewarding as it is challenging. It is well known that having a child is a huge financial commitment and when things are tight at home, saving up for your children’s future can seem like an impossibility. However, there are plenty of ways that you can save for your children’s future and here are five of the best. Save a Little Every {Read More}

We took the Wicked Uncle Challenge and the results are in!

We wanted to put the Wicked Uncle Challenge to the test and were lucky enough to be sent a £40 voucher to give to the children’s very own wicked uncle to see whether he could beat the challenge. The whole idea behind Wicked Uncle is that it’s a site designed to help those without children to buy really awesome gifts for children regardless of their age or gender. Buying gifts for small people can be an absolute mine field and {Read More}

My Sunday Photo

Ok, so it’s never a great start to the year when you join in three weeks in, but better late than never?! Jan 3rd- I love how they play together, even at this young age.     Jan 10th – a gorgeous afternoon spent at the park- even if it was chilly.     Jan 17th – little man’s first snow and the first that Isabella can really remember.       

Review: TOMY Britains Big Farm Land Rover Discovery

I love that toys are becoming less gender stereotyped (in some places!) and more than happy for my children to play with which ever toys they like. Isabella was given the chance to review the Big Farm Land Rover Defender and while some may have said it was a ‘boys’ toy’, she has thoroughly enjoyed using it.   Since becoming princess mad, she hasn’t really played with many farm animal toys for quite some time but once she received the Land {Read More}

I See Me personalised book – 30% discount TODAY ONLY

We have lots and lots of personalised books at home, Isabella just loves then; however, when we were given the chance to review a book from I See Me. I thought it would be nice to get Benjamin his first personalised book that he could keep and treasure. As much as this is a book for Benjamin, Isabella also loves hearing the story and telling Benjamin that it’s him in the book.  When I opened the book up for the {Read More}

The Power of Vanish

With Isabella back at pre-school the washing load seems to have doubled as she comes home most days covered in paint. I sometimes wonder if she paints herself on purpose!   Anyway, with all the paint, and longer hours at school, I don’t always manage to get the clothes washed while the paint is wet, in fact, it’s almost always dry and therefore a lot harder to get out. Vanish have come to my rescue though and sent me some fantastic {Read More}

Can TV really affect my toddler that much?

So we are all guilty, I’m sure, of using the television to entertain our kiddies while we need to make a phone call or answer an email or sometimes just to have a hot cup of coffee but do we actually know the effects it could be having on our children? The American Academy of Paediatrics (APP) actually recommends that children under 2 years-of-age don’t watch ANY television at all and those who are older than 2 should only be {Read More}

Babytown online baby shop

Benjamin was kindly sent a few bits from Babytown’s online shop where they are focused on design, quality and affordability. Babytown offer a gorgeously designed collection of clothing each season and are aimed at Tiny baby up to 24 months. The attention to detail is fantastic and they certainly don’t compromise on quality even though it’s affordable. We were sent a cute and fun baby grow with car detailing. It’s lovely and soft and washes really well. The applique detail {Read More}

PeeNut Cloth Nappy from TotsBots

When I was asked to try out a brand new cloth nappy, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. I’ve always wanted to try it but never really had the confidence to go for it. I was sent 4 PeeNut wraps and 10 day to night pads and some super soft fleece liners to keep little bottoms dry. I wanted a reusable nappy that I could rely upon daily not to leak all the time and I was a {Read More}