15 Must Have Baby Christmas Gifts

Christmas ElfSo, what does a baby really want for Christmas? Well, apart from the wrapping paper and boxes!

Here are 15 must have items for any baby this Christmas:
1. Sophie Giraffe teether
2. Baby grows (the next size up)
3. Stacking cups (babies find these hilarious)
4. Sleeping pods/bags
5. Nightlight and melodies
6. Bath toys
7. Skwish
8. Books
9. Baby Bjorn/carrier
10. Jumperoo
11. Baby clothes
12. Rattles
13. Finger puppets (to help bring stories to life)
14. Rocking horse
15. Bubbles

If you’re looking to get something that will help the parents too, nappies (the next size up) and formula (if they drink it) might be a help at this expensive time of year.

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