A Quick Gift Guide For An Outdoorsy Mum

Image Credit: Pexels, Free to Use Licence. 

Knowing what to buy people for Christmas can be tricky, and especially so for those close to us. The best thing to do to ensure that you give people gifts that they love is to listen to them and buy them things that help them to do the activities that they love most. So if you have a mum or another person in your life that loves nothing more than spending time in the great outdoors then here are 7 possible gift ideas. 

  1. New outdoor boots or sandals
    When it comes to outdoor clothing, footwear comes in as one of the essentials, ensuring that the wearer can navigate all that the terrain throws at them whilst maintaining a level of comfort and style. Why not buy your outdoorsy mum a new pair of wellies or walking boots for them to use in the new year. Or if you are looking for a more luxury footwear option, that your outdoorsy mum may not splash out on herself, then try a brand such as try a brand such as Ariat who create beautiful leather-based outdoor and riding boots which look just as good as they feel. 

  2. A new daypack
    A comfortable, reliable and stylish daypack is an outdoors essential that every outdoorsy mum will appreciate. Why not buy her one in her favourite colour or look for one that has a special feature such as built-in camel pack for taking in water on a long hike. Daypacks come in a number of sizes so even if she already has one you can purchase her one in a different size for her to use if she needs to carry more or less gear.

  3. A hammock chair
    For a chair with a difference why not buy your outdoorsy mum a hammock chair to hang in her garden when spring makes its reappearance. Hammock chairs are a great gift for those mums who enjoy spending time reading, relaxing and enjoying time in their garden or if they don’t have a lot of garden space then they can also be hung inside to give the feeling of reclining in a hammock outside but in the comfort of their own home. If the idea of hanging a hammock chair doesn’t sound so appealing then they also come with self-standing supports which can be positioned wherever the user likes and then dismantles and stored for the winter season.

  4. Quality time
    Nothing beats spending quality time with loved ones, so why not buy your outdoorsy mum a family gift experience so that you can all spend some time together enjoying the outdoors. From bouldering experiences to hiking tours there are thousands of outdoor adventure experiences that you can choose from to help you make family memories that will last a lifetime.

  5. How-to lessons
    Learning new things is often one of the most used New Years resolutions so why not get ahead of the game by providing your loved one with a way to try learn something new. For an outdoorsy mum who loves to grow her skill set and try new things, she’ll love a set of lessons to learn a new outdoor activity such as water-skiing, campfire building or outdoor cooking. Try to find out what kind of things your outdoorsy mum likes doing to buy her a set of lessons that she’ll enjoy doing and make sure that they’re also flexible to fit around her busy- schedule.

  6. A National Trust membership
    The National Trust is an independent charity and membership organisation for environmental and heritage conservation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For an outdoorsy mum who loves to explore and appreciate the beautiful natural history of the world, a National Trust membership can give them access to hundreds of properties and gardens across the country and they can also sleep soundly knowing that they have also contributed to the upkeep of these incredible places.

  7. A portable charging bank
    For lovers of adventure, a portable charging bank can provide them with the essential back up of power they need to charge their phone when out and about on a hike or other adventure. Having battery for their phone is about so much more than just being able to contact them but is vital for safety should they be in an emergency.  Fitting easily in a day pack or handbag a portable charging bank can often hold two or three full phone charges with some holding even more, meaning that your loved one need never run out of battery again. To find one that fits your budget check out some online reviews. 

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