Babytown online baby shop

Benjamin was kindly sent a few bits from Babytown’s online shop where they are focused on design, quality and affordability.

Babytown offer a gorgeously designed collection of clothing each season and are aimed at Tiny baby up to 24 months. The attention to detail is fantastic and they certainly don’t compromise on quality even though it’s affordable.

We were sent a cute and fun baby grow with car detailing. It’s lovely and soft and washes really well. The applique detail is amazing, especially as it’s only £5.99! Benjamin looks really comfortable in it and because it washes so well, it makes it even better value for money.

As well as the gorgeous buy inderal canada baby grow, we were sent a super soft blanket which we’ve been using as both a nap blanket and a mat for the floor when we’ve been at other people’s houses. It’s lovely and soft against Benjamin’s skin and like the baby grow, it washes really well and I know it will last well too.

 And who could resist these  super cute socks?

 I had never thought about looking for smaller online shops for baby clothes but now I’ve found Babytown, I’ll definitely be going back each season to kit Benjamin out in some more scrumptiously gorgeous outfits.



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