Koo-di Water Toys

photo 1 (8)A part of being a Koo-di Ambassador means we get to test out all the fab new things that they have to offer (well someone’s got to do it!) and a couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be sent three new bath toys to play with and put through their paces.

We received the: Pour n’ Play, Spray n’ Play and Sprinkle n’ Play all of which are white with some element of bright colours to them. At first I just let Isabella play and explore them out of the water as she was quiet intrigued as to what they were. She took to them right away and didn’t want to put them down, especially the Sprinkle n’ Play.

Next up, we put them in the bath and after some initial excited splashing around and testing, she picked out the Pour n’ Play to play with. She was able to scoop up water and pour it over teddy’s head and ‘wash his hair’ which she thought was brilliant.photo 2 (8)

I initiated the play with the Spray n’ Play as she wasn’t able to work this out on her own. She absolutely loved me spraying her and then telling myself of for doing it – she thought the game was hilarious. She was able to squeeze the Spray n’ Play if I filled it up first but she was unable to fill it up herself much to her frustration; I’m sure she will get there in time.

She really enjoyed watching the water trickle out of the Sprinkle n’ Play but gets quite frustrated that you have to fill it up so often and because she doesn’t understand how to fill it (by holding it under the water) she thinks I’m taking it off of her. I think this could easily be resolved by having a small bubble on the top of the ‘legs’ so it holds more water meaning the watery fun lasts longer.photo 4 (1)

But these aren’t just great toys for the bath – in fact I’ve found that when using them as water toys in the garden, Isabella gets less frustrated with them and is more willing to let you fill them up for her or just plunge them into a bucket of water.

They are great water toys to help any little one explore the water at £5.99 each.


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