PeeNut Cloth Nappy from TotsBots

When I was asked to try out a brand new cloth nappy, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. I’ve always wanted to try it but never really had the confidence to go for it. I was sent 4 PeeNut wraps and 10 day to night pads and some super soft fleece liners to keep little bottoms dry.

I wanted a reusable nappy that I could rely upon daily not to leak all the time and I was a little sceptical at the idea of a one size nappy from birth to potty but the PeeNut nappy from TotsBots has stood up to the test so far!

Cloth nappies can be a bit of minefield for someone new to it with birth to potty, sized ones, inserts, all in ones, wraps, pockets, prefolds, Velcro and snaps etc but the new PeeNut nappy takes all the confusion and stress away as it literally lasts from the first to the last nappy with just a few simple poppers to change the size. Even as a complete novice, I have found them so easy to get on with.

The PeeNut system in a nutshell is a one size fits most (there is a smaller size available for tiny babies). The system consists of a waterproof wrap (which means you don’t have to change the whole nappy each change- just wipe the wrap and change the pad!) and pop in absorbent pads (they are day to night pads which include a large and smaller pad poppered together). For extra dryness, just add a stay dry fleece liner.  Simply put, there is a nappy with a soft waterproof layer on the outside to keep any liquids in and a lovely fluffy layer against baby’s bottom.

You are advised to wash the nappies in a non-bio 40 degree wash several times before the first use to get the full absorbency from them; once washed, you dry the layers separately and it means they dry quite quickly, speeding up the process ready for the next use.

Adjustments to fit the nappy to your baby are made using poppers on the outside of the nappy so you can easily adjust the size of the nappy.

The closure of the nappy is through Velcro tabs and it’s advised that you  fasten right then left and it’s done! It really is so simple. As the baby grows you will be able to adjust the Velcro without any fuss. The material is quite stretchy so there is a fair amount of give; they seem to be comfortable on and don’t leave red marks where the elastic is which is a win in my eyes. 

 Other than the above, the other feature of the product that I liked against its competitors is how slim fitting it is – it’s by far the slimmest cloth nappy I have come across (I have seen a few friends use them in the past!) Obviously Benjamin doesn’t crawl or wiggle around too much at the moment but I’m sure when he does this will make things easier for him.

Cleaning the nappies was something I was worried about as a newbie to cloth, but it’s actually a lot easier than I expected. I have been using both a flushable liner in the nappies (when it seems it’s poo time!) so it can be disposed of easily without causing too much mess (or smell in the nappy bin!) and the fleece liner the rest of the time. This works a lot easier when you can predict your baby’s bowel movements. Following the washing instructions is easy and I found the inevitable staining on the inserts is solved when they are left to dry in the sun. All you need is a bucket with a tight fitting lid that is lined with a nappy mash. It’s suggested that you wash every two days on a non-bio 60 degree wash although you can wash on a cooler wash and just use the TotsBots Potion to get them hygienically clean.

These nappies are so easy to use, almost like a disposable plus they have great features and are clearly good quality. They would save you a lot of money compared to the amount you’d spend on disposables and they are environmentally friendly too!

If you’re looking to buy, you can get a set (including 8 wraps, 16 pads, bucket, mesh, wet bag, potion and liners) for just £195. Single plain wraps will come in at £10.99 while print wraps will be £12.99 and the pads will be £6.99.

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