SnuzPod – co-sleeping

As my time using the amazing SnuzPod for co-sleeping is sadly coming to a close, I’ve got my final update on its brilliance.

For the past four months, we have been using the SnuzPod as a bedside crib and I have LOVED it more than I think any other product I’ve used for a newborn Being able to co-sleep without the worry has been fantastic. But as Benjamin grows, so does the need to prepare him for his cot so we have decided to use the SnuzPod as a stand-alone crib for the final few weeks to get him used to not being so close to me at night.

While he will still be in my room, I am a little sad about not co-sleeping anymore but I can say hand on heart, it’s been fantastic while I did. Not getting over sentimental about the whole thing though, I will still be able to see Benjamin through the mesh side of the cot which is great as I love looking at him when he’s sleeping.

The SnuzPod looks great as a stand-alone crib as it has some great finishing touches. The wood is really sturdy and looks just like another piece of furniture rather than looking cheap and flimsy. Its neutral design means that it will suit most bedroom decors (although there are a range of colours to choose from!)


I still use the bottom of the crib to store extra bedding and muslins for night feeding but I have to say, now I’m using it as a stand-alone, I don’t have as much stored under there. I think it’s mainly because we don’t have any wall space for the crib to go up against and my toddler will pull everything out given half the chance.

I have used the rocking stand more as a stand-alone crib too; I didn’t really use this feature before but it’s got a gentle rocking motion that you can use if needed. I love the fact that you have to consciously rock the crib though as some moses baskets on a rocking base are so flimsy that every time the baby moves, it would rock.

Because of its generous size, Benjamin has already stayed in this crib longer than his sister stayed in hers which surprised me as he is so long. I’m not sure we will get the full 6 months out of it as at 4 months, Benjamin is almost out of his 3-6 months clothes because he’s just so long but I have to say I think most babies would be able to stay in well into their 6th month.

As Benjamin grew, I was worried he might wake himself up in the crib by flailing his arms in the night and hitting the sides (this is what his sister did all of the time!) however, because the sides are made from mesh and aren’t ‘solid’, even if he does hit them, it doesn’t wake him up.

I am honestly going to be so sad to stop using the SnuzPod as I love it so much; I will just have to treasure the memories of co-sleeping with my baby instead.

I would recommend this product to EVERY new parent as a must have product.


  1. I know this post is old but…My son has also outgrown his snuzpod, my problem now is how to store it. How did you store urs? Did you have to dismantle it? And tips on how to store it for the next baby?

    • We didn’t actually store it I’m afraid as we knew we wouldn’t be having any more children. I would probably dismantle and store in an airtight box in the loft though if I were going to. Or perhaps keep the fabric in a cupboard once it was dismantled?

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