Staple Items for A Cosy Night In

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Most of us want to make our homes as relaxing and pleasant an environment as possible. Coming into the colder months, spending a night in with your loved ones can seem an idyllic picture to imagine, but you may feel like you lack the atmosphere in your own home. Read ahead for some quick, simple fixes that will help create a cosier vibe.

Find the Perfect Beverages

There’s nothing better on a winter night than a hot drink on the sofa. Hot chocolate is the classic choice, but you can find a variety of calming teas for the night too. Chamomile and green tea especially tend to be popular votes for this period of the day. If you’re wanting to create a more romantic atmosphere, some Baileys in a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of wine (maybe even a cocktail if you’re feeling like some extra effort!) can be great drinks that will help you unwind together.

Cuddle Up

A great thing about the colder weather is that it provides an excuse to share body warmth and get some extra cuddles during a film or simply when chatting away. You don’t need an excuse to hug your loved ones, but creating a comfortable space goes a long way. We suggest angling the furniture in your room so you can converse or watch films easily together, and invest in cushions and a wool blanket for a warm and cosy atmosphere. John Atkinson blankets are known for their high quality material which is both durable and comfortable on the skin. Blankets from a trusted brand like this are a great investment to make in your home. Make sure your seating arrangements are large enough to accommodate the social dynamic of your household and design your space to make the most out of your evenings.

Create Ambience

Lighting is an important factor in your mood and the atmosphere of your house. If your home is too dark, it can strain your eyes and dampen your spirits – too light and it can become a less relaxing environment. Soft, warm lighting like fairy lights is a good bet, and these are a popular investment especially coming into the festive season. Candles are a source of natural, lively light which can really enhance your home. Use scented candles for gentle aromatherapy, and also to make your home feel warmer.

Board Games

Board games are perfect for when you want to spend some time with the members of your household in an activity which doesn’t involve gluing your eyes to a screen. Put some music on in the background, set up some chairs around a table (or some cushions on the carpet for a more chilled space), and try out a couple different games for a really fun night. There are a huge variety of different types of board games out there, so there really is something for everyone. Board games make great gifts for a household for the reason they bring everyone together and form evenings filled with fun memories and bonding opportunities.

Try out a few of these suggestions to make your house well-equipped for a cosy and enjoyable winter.

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