The Power of Vanish

With Isabella back at pre-school the washing load seems to have doubled as she comes home most days covered in paint. I sometimes wonder if she paints herself on purpose!

  Anyway, with all the paint, and longer hours at school, I don’t always manage to get the clothes washed while the paint is wet, in fact, it’s almost always dry and therefore a lot harder to get out. Vanish have come to my rescue though and sent me some fantastic products to try out in order to get rid of those pesky clothes stains.

I have tried out: Vanish Gold Oxi Action Gel, Power Shot Gel Capsules and Oxi Action Pre-treat Spray.

My absolute favourite has to be the Oxi Action Pre-treat Spray as it lets me target those specific areas that are covered in paint (or whatever else Isabella has been doing at school!). It works really well as I just spray it as soon as she comes in, leave it for an hour or so and then bung it in the wash with all the other laundry. If the stain is really bad, I’ve doubled it up with a Power Shot Gel Capsule to ensure the stain is well and truly gone.

  While all of the products seem to work well, I favour the pre-treat spray and the Power Shot Gel Capsules over the Oxi Action Gel as they are so quick and easy to use. I can literally chuck them in with the wash or spray one handed before shoving in the washing machine. It makes the process quick and easy for a super busy mum. The Vanish Gold Oxi Action Gel works well but needs a little more time and two hands (something I don’t always have). 

I can’t rate these products more highly. They really do make such a difference to a busy mum trying to keep my children looking clean and smart. Do you have any good tips for getting rid of horrible stains?

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