Review: TOMY Britains Big Farm Land Rover Discovery

I love that toys are becoming less gender stereotyped (in some places!) and more than happy for my children to play with which ever toys they like. Isabella was given the chance to review the Big Farm Land Rover Defender and while some may have said it was a ‘boys’ toy’, she has thoroughly enjoyed using it. 

 Since becoming princess mad, she hasn’t really played with many farm animal toys for quite some time but once she received the Land Rover and I explained what it was used for on the farm, she’s played non-stop putting the animals in and out of the back. She’s even used her building blocks to replicate hay. 

 On its own, the Land Rover can be used as a simple car and with its realistic sound effects and headlights can provide simple fun while being robust and crash worthy! It’s big enough for small hands to manipulate easily and I don’t worry about it breaking when it inevitably gets leant on to push along the floor. 

 The rear hood comes off to provide extra space for storage but can hold a lot even with the hood on. The colour is great as it looks realistic and not babyish. 

I think this would be perfect to have alongside some of the other Big Farm toys like the cattle trailer or the tractor.

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