Treads, the indestructible school shoe : review and giveaway!

With two children now in school, buying school shoes can become really expensive. I’m really happy to have been given the opportunity to try Treads indestructible shoes this term and here’s why.

When my daughter first started school, she would go through at least two pairs of a well-known children’s shoe brand (and they aren’t exactly cheap!). I wouldn’t mind if the shoes were the wrong size but when the shoe was too worn out, it did grate on me a little. She’s got a little better at looking after her shoes now she’s in year 3 but they still get a bit of a battering.

Well not Benjamin has started school, I have seen just how much wear his shoes are getting.  Since September, he has played football and run, jumped and kicked (generally had a blast!) in his high street branded shoes and after just 6 weeks, they look awful. It looks as though he’s been wearing them for a full year already. This is where Treads have come to save the day. They have sent Benjamin a pair of their London shoes to put through their paces.

First Thoughts

They look really well made, comfy and stylish and most importantly, they have a 12 month guarantee. Yes, 12 months! These shoes claim to be indestructible and I think Benjamin will really test this out. Not only does he wear then for 6-7 hours a day, 5 days a week, he also plays football at lunch, runs EVERYWHERE, stamps, climbs and jumps in puddles. He really is a stereotypical boy through and through.

I was skeptical at ordering shoes off a website because, as an adult I find different styles of shoe fit differently but Treads offer a free returns so I happily made my choice. What I love about Treads shoes and their fit is that they all come with duel fit technology – an insole that can be removed if your child needs a wider fitting shoe. This is something I’ve never seen done before and I think it’s a really clever idea. All shoes come with a standard F/G fitting which can be widened to create a G/H fit where necessary.

Treads official recommendation is to size down rather than up. If your child is usually a size 3, you should go for the 2.5-3 fitting to get a secure fit.

The shoes are made from a tough black leather and have a durable rubber edging to avoid the shoes peeling apart through general wear and tear. The Velcro fastening straps mean that Benjamin is able to take his shoes on and off independently which is so important when they start school.

The shoes range from £35-£49 and have now got more variety especially in girls’ shoes which is brilliant to see.

So what makes Treads different?

Treads are constructed using a ‘strobel’ technique which means that the upper is placed into a mould and then the sole is injected around it rather than being glues on afterwards. Be replacing the need for gluing, Treads have created a really strong bond to their shoe which also offers flexibility. Perfect for active children.

It’s not just in the method though. Treads use premium breathable leather to ensure quality and they also have reinforced seams and heels to keep the shoes as durable as possible and prevent splitting.

Benjamin has been loving his new shoes and they are easy to wipe clean too. As we’ve been so impressed, we are also giving you the opportunity to win a pair of Treads to see for yourself!

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