We took the Wicked Uncle Challenge and the results are in!

We wanted to put the Wicked Uncle Challenge to the test and were lucky enough to be sent a £40 voucher to give to the children’s very own wicked uncle to see whether he could beat the challenge.

The whole idea behind Wicked Uncle is that it’s a site designed to help those without children to buy really awesome gifts for children regardless of their age or gender. Buying gifts for small people can be an absolute mine field and even as a parent, I can sometimes get it wrong! As soon as the voucher arrived in my inbox,  we asked my brother, who doesn’t have any children himself, to browse all that Wicked Uncle have on offer and spend the £40 getting a gift each for the children.

Now my brother is brilliant – he will help to build me anything I ask for (including a conservatory!) or help install a kitchen or even just be some extra muscle when we were moving house (again) but even he agrees, he isn’t the most tech savvy person out there; he’d rather make a phone call than text, he doesn’t really spend much time on the computer and would rather physically go shopping than shop on the internet. Well he put Wicked Uncle to the test and couldn’t fault the website and their general concept.

He thought it was easy to navigate, easy to buy the items and clearly laid out. For him, the things he liked the most were the categories. He loved that he could choose an age and gender as well as browse the A-Z catagories from the Adventurer and Brainiac to the Outdoorsy and just plain Wicked Fun. It gave him options that he wouldn’t have thought about looking at in the shops and had such a wide variety of products that he was really impressed. In his own words ‘There are great gizmos and loads things to choose from and not just pencil cases and stuff’.Wicked Uncle really did take all the hassle out of shopping for two tots under 4. But what did the children actually think?

Isabella was so ridiculously excited to get a surprise in the post; the suspense almost killed her. Benjamin isn’t quite old enough yet to understand so was more than happy to wait for his present to be given to him.​

As soon as Isabella got her present out the box, she wanted to open it and play. She can’t read yet and couldn’t quite work out what the present was from the picture but knew she wanted to play with it because it has a screwdriver!

After I showed her what to do, Isabella sat and played for 40 minutes with this toy (which is a new record for her!) The Sparkleworks Design and Drill is the perfect toy for a little girl who loves all things princess but also enjoys her DIY. She loves to imitate us and was elated to finally have a ‘power screwdriver’ of her very own.

The Sparkleworks Design and Drill has a really simple concept. You can drill different coloured bolts into the light up board in various different patterns. So what makes this toy so much fun? Isabella really does just enjoy the simple process of drilling but the fact that the bolts are translucent and light up when she drills makes it even more fun.

There are two light modes on this model. You can either have the LED lights on continuously or you can have it so the LEDs react to sound and ‘dance’ to music or your voice. Isabella will spend long periods of time making and talking to the light box to see the lights flash. She gave this a big thumbs up.​

After Benjamin’s nap, he was handed his surprise by Isabella, who I’m sure just wanted to play with his toy too. Benjamin was given a Magnetic Airplane Kit. It’s a beautiful bright and colourful wooden airplane which comes in six pieces.

Each individual piece has a hidden magnet making it a great toy to piece together again and again. It has a little pilot figure glued in so he/she doesn’t get lost (which I’m secretly pleased about!) Even the propeller at the front spins round. This really is a lovely wooden toy.

Benjamin absolutely loves planes so this should have been the perfect toy for him. My only slight criticism of this toy is the fact that the magnets aren’t really strong enough for the plane to be a role play toy for 1-year-olds. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely toy and Benjamin loves it but every time he goes to pick it up and ‘fly’ it, the pieces will fall apart in his clumsy, awkward, toddlerish hands.  Isabella, being almost 4, is able to hold the plane and use it for role play but it still falls apart on her too. This would have been an amazing toy if the magnets were stronger.

 Overall we cannot rate Wicked Uncle highly enough. The whole experience of choosing a present, to the simplicity of the website and ease of purchase right down to the quality of the products is brilliant. My brother for one is a convert and I too am inspired by the range of toys available. We will certainly be shopping from here for Isabella’s birthday at the end of next month.

If you haven’t tried Wicked Uncle yet, you really should give them a browse – you won’t be disappointed (and neither will your gift recipient!).


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